Fashion Trends That You Must Follow In 2021

by Latisha
Fashion Trends -

The fashion Industry always steals the limelight. We tend to change our fashion statement every day. Can’t help! Since the fashion industry gives us jaws-dropping fashion goals. 2021 is giving us bold and stylish designs to elaborate our fashion sense.

Updating fashion sense also refreshes our mood. 2020 has shifted our fashion trends from sleek wear to fashionable face masks. But 2021 made resolutions to treat your eyes with the best-ever collections from the top designers of the world. From Calvin Klein to Giorgio Armani, every fashion studio has rolled up its sleeves to give you the best designs of all time.

Let’s take a look at the fashion trends for both winter and summer.

Summer’s trends

  • Sorbet pastel tones

Pastel color is on-demand now, be it our dress or our mobile back-cover. That matte finish portrayed by this color gives an elegant look and suits all skin tones. You can try combinations of mint green with soft blue or lavender alternatively as your top and bottom wear color, which will give you an aesthetic look for summer.

This fabrication gives a gorgeous look to your attire. Women can also go for short shirt dresses of such texture, which is soothing in summer.

  • Head Scarfs

Inspired from the 50s, this fashion is trending incredibly. Printed floral silk scarves or scarfs with letters or symbols printed give a very subtle and simple finish to your wear. You can quickly wrap it around your chin, covering your head and tying a knot just below your chin, or leave the end at the back of your head. You may also tie it around the straps of your bag and let it trail.

  • Fancy Flip Flops

It’s an actual deluge of flip-flops this year! Comfort should be the top priority while figuring out your looks, especially during summers. This simple footwear is on-demand even on the ramp shows of top designers. Designers have given a new look to this with leather and thick rubber soles.

Winter’s fashion trends

  • Cropped Cardigans

This is adorable wear and has been on trend after its release by Zara and Forever21. It is very comfortable to wear and can be paired with jeans or track pants or a midi skirt. It will even go well with your nightwear pants.

  • Sweatpants

These pants telegraph a cool-wear [often getting a bit funkier looks better than always getting dressed in a bodycon dress]. And as soon as you get the comfort of this bottom-wear, you would love to pair it up with anything and everything. You can try pastel bold color sweatpants, which give a powerful look to your attire.

  • High-top boots

Boots are unquestionably the best footwear for winters. The dark-brown, grey, and black colors give a perfect look to them. Trying that with leggings and skin-fit jeans or short skirts gives a perfect winter wear combo. The boots by Zara, H&M, and Nordstrom are a must-try in 2021.

Wrapping it up

Trends will keep on changing – today; we will gaze at one, the next day at something else. This is the chain of trends. We love to present ourselves in the best way possible and so tend to look for new fashion trends now and then. Dress yourself according to your choice, and this will grace your presence everywhere.