The Rise in Popularity of OTT Platforms

by Latisha
OTT Platforms -

The Internet is now the first thing we look up to as soon as we open our eyes as the sun rays peep through our window’s blinds. In recent years, people have tried to work on videography on internet-based devices. And hence, comes OTT platforms in the scene, i.e., Over–the–top platform services. The young generation is crazy about this.

Understanding the culture of OTT Platforms

We see the use of OTT a lot in recent times. Maybe you aren’t aware of where it is being used – so let me give you an example.

Suppose nowadays, and we see that online business is on-demand. To live stream videos in order to sell products, OTT platforms are essential.

PUBG – a world-renowned mobile and emulator game by Tencent games was on-demand for a few years, though now officially banned by many countries, this game made the young generation grow crazy for it. Long live-streams featuring the game were on-demand instead is still in the scene.

Popular services based on OTT platforms are Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, iTunes, etc. Using monthly subscriptions, people can use this platform to monetize their videos.

Catalyst in the growth of OTT video services:

  • Increasing broadband penetration: A good-speed internet connection is a must to live stream or engage in videography. After the COVID-19 situation, every country’s government started to spend on broadband services giving a chance for people to earn using videography. The 5G services ensure a better potential for mobile technology and high-speed broadband internet via fixed wireless access. (FWA).
  • Advances in media streaming technology: OTT videos have come from the idea of a cord-cutting mindset. People didn’t prefer watching videos from a specific device at any specific time. And here, the OTT video took a role to help people watch videos on any device at any time and place.
  • Growing demand for fresh content: People are hungry for new content and look forward to it as they have subscriptions for a particular OTT. In this COVID-19 situation, OTT platforms came in much demand as people were locked in their houses with no proper work to do, and they just went on to search for new things on the internet to engage themselves.
  • Flexible pricing: Subscriptions are available at a reasonable price with respect to the content provided by the platforms. Different subscriptions let people of different genres choose the ones they prefer.

YouTube can be the best example to describe the passion for videos in the world. Let Dude Perfect go for a live stream one day, and the 54.9 million + subscribers will run to their respective devices to watch it.


With OTT delivering variety, people now have a multitude of videos to access. As the situation is going on, in the coming years, we are going to witness a much rise in the OTT market. This will also ensure good earning options to the youth and provide better economic growth to the world. Keep watching your favorite videos!