Update on Covid-19: Things to expect in the days to follow

by Latisha
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It’s just been a year since the era of lockdowns and curfew started, but things are slowly getting back on track. The administration is pushing the vaccination drive at a speed that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

The outbreak of the pandemic changed the lives of billions spanning all around the globe. What the US faced due to covid 19 was terrible, and the amount of deaths that occurred due to the virus is also shocking. But now, with the vaccination drive on the surge, these are the things that can be expected in the following days.

Precautions to take after taking covid-19 vaccine:

1. No relief from masks yet-

Although people are getting vaccinated at a heavy rate and things are looking to go back to normal, but the masks are still a must. There are several instances worldwide where people tested positive even after taking the first or the second dose of the vaccine.

The experts have explicitly mentioned that even after taking the vaccine, you have to follow the covid 19 protocols for several days. The antibody mechanism takes time to develop; thus, precautions are still a must.

2. Health consciousness-

Covid has made us realise the importance of good health. The surge in gym memberships and other fitness programs is an indication that people will be more conscious about their health in the future.

People are making changes to their eating habits and diets as well to have better health. The data from the past three months have shown a significant rise in enrollment in de-addiction programs as well. People are now giving up smoking, drinking, and other substances that were once a part of their daily life.

3. Travelling-

The most significant rise is expected in the tourism industry. As things are getting back to normal, people have started making plans for their trips. People weren’t able to travel in the past year because of the pandemic, and this is why it is expected that this year will be very profitable for the tourism industry.

4. Social distancing-

Although it is expected that everything will be back on track by the end of 2022, social distancing is becoming a norm everywhere.

Despite vaccination and other precautions, people and businesses will follow the rules of social distancing because vaccination is a long process that is going to take time. Even if the whole USA gets vaccinated by the year-end, social distancing will also be there in places in airports and stations.


Pandemic was hard on all of us. For some, it was physical suffering, and for others, it was mental suffering. Hundreds of people started facing several mental issues in the past year.  Numerous people came out to tell about their depression and anxiety issues. When things get back to normal, you will be coming across people who face issues like this; thus, it is expected from all of us to be empathetic towards each other.